Emergency Financial Assistance For Home Loans

Are you falling behind your home loan repayments? Is your bank saying you are in arrears, making late payments, sent a Property Law Act (PLA) notice or suggesting you need to take your house to mortgagee sale? Do you want to stop the mortgagee sale? Or are you finding it hard to meet your debts, or need an urgent refinance?

We can provide a genuine solution to fix your financial situation. You will work with an NZ based adviser Arthur who is a financial expert and fully registered on the FSPR. He can provide nationwide help. This is a genuine and confidential service. Need financial assistance for your home loan? You could refinance your home or find an urgent solution to help your home from going to mortgagee sale, or falling further into arrears. Learn who can help with a mortgagee sale if your bank is trying to sell your home. You may get help even if you have lost your job, got bad credit, problems getting finance, or need urgent financial help. You can also ask about commercial property loan help.

Save Your Home Loan

Example: A family were placed in a situation where they were about to lose their house via mortgagee sale a PLA (Property Law Act) notice was issued. The family had only a few days otherwise their home would be sold whether they liked it or not. Taking into consideration the situation a strategy can be made to save the family home or from the bank selling it.

Often when people are in this situation they will sell their property for well under market value out of desperation and lose hundreds of thousands of dollars and often can be bankrupted during the process meaning they not only lose their house, but also can lose the ability to own a house in the future.

The adviser understands the needs of your family and try stop the mortgagee sale & can resolve a situation like this with a positive outcome.

Mortgage Help For Refinances, Consolidation, Arrears, Bad Credit Finance, Threatened With Mortgagee Sale Or Bankruptcy


Falling behind on mortgage payments? Is your mortgage and home loan in arrears? Stop this turning into a mortgagee sale. A Mortgage Rescue can try restructure your situation and provide help before it gets worse. You could also get commercial property loan help.


Are your home loan payments late? Are you in arrears? The banks or lenders can get more demanding for the money, and start to charge you legal fees, collection costs, lawyer fees and penalty interest. Contact us to try stop your mortgage from getting more severe.


If you continually do not meet the mortgage payments, the bank will likely send you a Property Law Act (PLA) notice, and may threaten or eventually sell your home. This can be devastating. Contact us now to try help stop the mortgagee sale and try fix this issue for you.

Get Mortgage Help Now

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Financial Hardship

Protect yourself and your loved ones, in the event that you, or the breadwinner in the family, are no longer able to earn money.


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Stop Mortgagee Sale

This would help prevent the property going to mortgagee sale now.


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Defaults & Late Payments

Talk to us about possibly refinancing your loan even if you have defaults and late payment histories.


stop mortgagee sale get money to pay home loan


An Expert Financial Adviser Will Help
You With Your Mortgage & Loan Situation

- FSPR Registered Financial Adviser Based in Auckland
- Emergency Financial Assistance For Your Home Loan
- Nationwide Help Available
- Help preventing a mortgagee sale
- Dealing with arrears, defaults and late payemnts

There are many reasons why you might be finding it hard to meet your repayments. The mortgage repayments could be expensive, or you might have a lot of expenses. Maybe someone has lost a job, or someone has become sick , a loss of a  family member (death) or divorce, or there has been some sort of unexpected expense.

How it works? We review your situation in a confidential consultation and refinance your situation with a genuine NZ-based lender.

Contact us URGENTLY for help with a mortgage rescue or urgent refinance