Emergency Financial Assistance For Kiwi Home Loans

  • Are you missing home loan repayments?
  • Is your home loan too expensive?
  • Is your New Zealand bank saying your home loan is in arrears, or they want to sell your home?
  • Do you need an urgent refinance? Or have a
    difficult mortgage situation?
Arthur Parker Ramani
Arthur Parker Ramani is a NZ mortgage expert for difficult situations

Want To Save Your Home Loan?

Are your home loan repayments expensive? Or, is your home loan behind or in arrears, or the bank told you that you’re in default or threatened to sell your home?

Or have you been told you may lose your home via a mortgagee sale have you received a Letter of Demand or PLA (Property Law Act) notice?

It’s important to take action ASAP. Contact us to find out how we can help you with our solutions such as refinancing or using non bank lenders.

The adviser understands your needs and tries to stop the mortgagee sale. Contact us now.

Mortgage Help For Refinances, Consolidation, Arrears, Bad Credit Finance, Threatened With Mortgagee Sale Or Bankruptcy


Falling behind on mortgage payments? Is your mortgage and home loan in arrears? Stop this turning into a mortgagee sale. A Mortgage Rescue can try restructure your situation and provide help before it gets worse. You could also get commercial property loan help.


Are your home loan payments late? Are you in arrears? The banks or lenders can get more demanding for the money, and start to charge you legal fees, collection costs, lawyer fees and penalty interest. Contact us to try stop your mortgage from getting more severe.


If you continually do not meet the mortgage payments, the bank will likely send you a Property Law Act (PLA) notice, and may threaten or eventually sell your home. This can be devastating. Contact us now to try help stop the mortgagee sale and try fix this issue for you.

Get Mortgage Help Now

Can’t Afford Mortgage Payments

If your home loan repayments are expensive and you can’t afford them, we may be able to help you lower your repayments.

Stop Mortgagee Sale

This would help prevent the property going to mortgagee sale now.

Defaults & Late Payments

Talk to us about possibly refinancing your loan even if you have defaults and late payment histories.


An Expert Financial Adviser Will Help
You With Your Mortgage & Loan Situation

- FSPR Registered NZ Financial Adviser
- Emergency Financial Assistance For Your Home Loan
- Nationwide Help Available
- Help preventing a mortgagee sale
- Dealing with arrears, defaults and late payments

There are many reasons why you might be finding it hard to meet your repayments. The mortgage repayments could be expensive, or you might have a lot of expenses. Maybe someone has lost a job, or someone has become sick , a loss of a  family member (death) or divorce, or there has been some sort of unexpected expense.

How it works? We review your situation in a confidential consultation and refinance your situation with a genuine NZ-based lender.

Contact us URGENTLY for help with a mortgage rescue or urgent refinance