About Mortgage Rescue

Arthur Parker Ramani

Mortgage Rescue is a service that can be provided by Just Financial.

Contact Person: Arthur Parker Ramani (BCom) of Just Financial

Getting a “Mortgage Rescue” could help you if you need emergency financial assistance for your loans and home loan. It could might stop your home going from mortgagee sale. It is important to make contact. It may be possible to get an approval even if you have been turned down by the banks or if the banks told you they can’t help you anymore.

The services provided are led by Mr. Arthur Ramani (FSPR Registration 545468 on www.fspr.govt.nz), a financial adviser of Just Mortgages. Just Mortgages & Just Financial is a reputable financial and mortgage advisory and implementation service. This means that you can have confidence that the services are going to be provided from a registered provider. You will be able to explain your situation then get information on how it could be resolved. 

Arthur had studied at the University of Auckland with his Bachelor of Commerce. Also he has studied numerous educational programs including relevant papers of the NZ Certificate in Financial Services Level 5.

He is based in Auckland and can usually help nationwide. He has been educated locally in Auckland through NCEA schooling and is skilled and accomplished in working with finances for different families. He strongly believes in helping families have a “second chance” with their finances.

Mortgage Rescue Information

If you would like a mortgage rescue or need the help of emergency refinancing, it’s important to make contact as soon as possible. If you delay the process, it might get worse, or difficult or impossible to resolve. This can be  a good point of contact if you’r wondering who to talk to.

You also need to promptly provide information and be honest about your circumstances in order to get help. This could give you that all important second chance at keeping your home, or being able to sell it more comfortably without going to mortgagee sale. 

Get qualified advice

Remember that you should also look at engaging a suitably qualified legal expert to assist you through the process. This is a financial service, not a legal service – however you can ask to be put in touch with a legal service.  The prospect of being in default or having problems with your mortgage is very serious. You can also be asked to be put in touch with a legal professional or service who specialises in this area.