Apply for a bad credit loan even if you have had credit issues in the past you may be able to get a mortgage approval and keep or get a house. This also can provide emergency refinancing and mortgage help. This is helpful potentially if you have mortgage problems or currently in arrears with your bank. This is through the use of different lenders and methods, with a ‘can do attitude’ to finding you a solution.

Process to apply for a bad credit loan

To get a bad credit loan you need to provide documentation, be cooperative and helpful through the process, and be prepared to answer questions asked by the financial expert or service provider who will be assisting you. Getting a home loan even though you might have credit issues, problems getting finances in the past, or generally had trouble arranging finances in the past; there can still be a way to get a home loan.

How to get a home loan if you have bad credit
You can get a home loan or refinance with bad credit mortgage rescue

Can you get a home loan even if you’ve had financial issues in the past?

Yes it is possible and although every circumstance is different, there has been great successes for this. There are different factors and you will be surprised how many people are able to get it even if it seemed to be an impossible feat in the past. You can learn more about the Mortgage Rescue service as well.

  • Banks do not tend to give home loans for bad credit, but there are other genuine providers in New Zealand who will
  • These can help you get back on your own feet financially.
  • It could provide a safe haven and more time to arrange to sell your home or refinance it back to a bank at some stage

It does also help if you can order your own credit report, that helps to understand your credit in the first instance, and gives some context and explanation to your situation, especially if you need help with the mortgage or financial assistance, and some of your loans may be in default. It can be a number of years before these credit issues go away. You can look at ordering a credit file from Equifax.

Application process if you want to apply for a bad credit loan

Reach out on the Mortgage Rescue contact page.