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Arthur Parker Ramani
Arthur Parker Ramani is a NZ mortgage expert for difficult situations

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People can find their home loan repayments expensive. Rising interest rates can make your home loan unaffordable. There can be solutions, such as to refinance your loans. Whether you have a good credit rating or bad credit, we may be able to help.

Contact us ASAP to get help before the situation gets worse. We work with many different lenders and have had success helping people’s finances.

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Mortgage Help For Refinances, Consolidation, Arrears, Bad Credit Finance, Threatened With Mortgagee Sale Or Bankruptcy


We try help you get a better interest rate depending on the situation or try find an alternative that works for you. This may help you save money now.


Are your loans too expensive? Are you missing payments, or about to? Get help to restructure your finances and see if you can pay less on your repayments.


Help with mortgage problems, including if you miss home loan payments, have bad credit or have defaulted on your home loan

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Lower Mortgage Repayments

We try find ways to lower your mortgage payments and make them affordable.

Cheaper Interest Rates

Interest rates too high? We try find ways to lower your interest rates on your loans.

Home Loan Help

We help with your home loan, refinancing, debt consolidation, restructuring your mortgage


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- Help with expensive mortgage repayments and loans
- Dealing with arrears, defaults and late payments

Loan repayments too expensive? Or have interest rates gone up? We can find ways to help lower your repayments. Whether you just need help, or things have gotten expensive, or someone was sick, lost a job, a divorce, an unexpected loss of income or someone passing away, or unexpected expenses, we try help.

How it works? Contact us ASAP to discuss your situation. We provide a confidential discussion and see if we can try refinance your situation with a genuine NZ-based lender.

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