Debt Consolidation & Refinancing

Debt consolidation and refinancing help can allow you to manage your repayments and bills better. By combining your different debts, bills and liabilities into one loan, you could benefit from one easy low repayment. We can help with debt consolidating and refinancing. We are the ideal organisation to help you with this. We have tools to help applications get more easily approved than others.

Even if you have bad credit or problems paying the bills in the past, we may be able to help. We could also help if you want to borrow more money, such as to pay for things like other bills, rates, renovations, paying back friends, families, and other matters.

How to apply for debt consolidation?

  1.  Make a list of your different debts. Start by listing out the different debts you may want to consolidate, such as who the financier is, how much you owe and what the interest rate is
  2. Contact us to start the process.
  3. Fill out our forms and upload statements of your previous bills

How to apply for refinancing?

  1. Assemble different documents such as your payslips, and previous loan statements from your different financiers
  2. Make a list of those statements and documents and what is owed, to get an idea of how much is owed
  3. Contact us for more information.

We can then work with you and potentially help you get debt consolidation. We provide a mortgage broker service for refinancing debts, meaning that you can get help. We may also be able to help you even

Will I save money on repayments on debt consolidation?

Debt consolidation usually helps you save money on your current minimum repayments. This allows you to free up cash flow. You may also get a lower interest rate than your current interest rates, which could help save you money. Our service has access to different financiers, and means that we help you more easily get your application assembled. We work with different lenders and can often find you the optimal or better financier to handle the non bank lender. This means help finding a bank, or 2nd tier, or 3rd tier, or non bank lender to help organise a debt consolidation or refinance if necessary. This is one of the ways that the service can help you get a loan approved where a bank typically may not be able to do it. Or rather than approaching a bank directly, our service adds value and makes it more convenient by helping you get access to other options.


Can I borrow more money?

Yes this is possible with our debt consolidation and refinancing service. If you want to also borrow more money and not just consolidate debts or bills that already exist, we could help with that.


What are examples of different debts that could be consolidated?

You may be able to consolidate different types of debts. Here are some examples:

  • Credit cards
  • Loans
  • Overdraft
  • Bills to family, friends
  • Home loans


Is debt consolidation a good idea?

  • Makes it more affordable –  It can help you lower your current minimum monthly repayments
  • Save money- It means you may be able to save money now
  • Lower interest rate – You could benefit from a lower interest rate, and could save you money. If you’ve been thinking lower to lower your interest rate, this is one way of possibly achieving that.
  • Easier to manage – Many people find it easier to manage with just one loan, which is something debt consolidation can help offer.

The above are some general ideas of information.