The adviser (who is qualified and registered with the FSPR) who will work with you strongly believes in the following practices

  • Giving families a fair chance
  • Providing quality information
  • Working with genuine lenders
  • Treating customers with respect, courtesy
  • Delivering results with honesty and integrity.
  • Telling customers they should get access to good quality legal advice.

We are aware that there are some other providers or people in the market who are offering potentially unwanted solutions, which we do not engage in.


  • We do not charge ridiculous fees
  • We do not work with unregistered lenders
  • We do not put your home into a buyback scheme (for example we do not buy your home off you and sell it to you at a later date)
  • We do not personally lend you the money – it is organized from a reputable NZ lender.

Our standard practice is to investigate financing solutions.

Please be careful of other providers who are offering the above services, or are not registered or authorized on the FSPR. Arthur’s FSPR number is 545468 and you can check this on the official FSPR website.

The FSPR ( is the government’s registration system for financial service providers.