How It Works

Are you falling behind your home loan repayments? Is your bank saying you are in arrears, making late payments, or suggesting you need to take your house to mortgagee sale?

We provide a genuine solution to fix your financial situation. You will work with an NZ based adviser Arthur who is fully registered on the FSPR.

Here are ways we can help:

  • Emergency financial assistance if you have a home loan/mortgage
  • Help to stop or prevent a mortgagee sale
  • Help dealing with arrears, PLA notices, etc.

There are many reasons why you might be finding it hard to meet your repayments. The mortgage repayments could be expensive, or you might have a lot of expenses. Maybe someone has lost a job, or someone has become sick , or there has been some sort of unexpected expense.

The problem is that once you fall behind on your mortgage repayments, it can start to damage your credit history and ratings. So it can be a good idea to fix the problem before it gets worse. Do not wait, and call us right away.

How it works? We review your situation in a confidential consultation and refinance your situation with a genuine NZ-based lender.

You will be dealing with a professionally registered financial adviser, Arthur of Just Mortgages, who is based in Auckland and a qualified mortgage professional.