Low Deposit Home Loan

Low deposit? Want to buy a house with a small deposit?

Are you a first home buyer, or want to try buy a property with a low deposit, under 10%?

From as little as 5%, we can assist in buying a house or property. By referral, a mortgage expert or broker can see if you can buy a property with a small deposit. 

  •  Buying a property with low deposit
  • Using alternative banks or non bank lenders
  • Help even if your bank can’t help you or has turned you away


How does it work?

Not all banks and lenders are the same. They have different policies. If one bank can’t help you, there is still a chance we can. We can also advocate and present 

What help can you get?

Low deposit loans, buying a property with a small deposit. 

Non Bank Loans

Using a non bank lender or second tier lender could help you buy a home with a low deposit. With relationships with many non bank lenders, contact us to see if we can help with this.

Get help now if

How To Buy With A Small Deposit 

How do you buy a home with a low deposit?

Calculate how much of a deposit you could use. For example, establish if you have a 5%, 10% or 15% deposit.

  1. Speak to a mortgage broker who deals with low deposit loans or non bank loans
  2. Arrange a home loan application, which can include providing copies of a passport, drivers license, payslip, statements, bank statements and other requested information
  3. Talk to the mortgage broker about using KiwiSvaver if you plan to do this
  4. Work through the next steps

Low Deposit Loans for Investment Properties

Low deposit loans may also be available for rental or investment properties. This depends on the circumstance, but can meant that if you want to buy a rental property on a small deposit, a mortgage broker who is skilled in this can help you with it.

Sometimes a bank might not allow you to buy an investment property with a low deposit. Therefore contacting a specialist in difficult mortgage circumstances could be the answer. How does it work? By structuring loans or using alternative lenders (to which there are many of in New Zealand) you could find an alternative way of buying a property you’ve always wanted. 

Best Bank For Low Deposit Home Loans

Many people wonder, which is the best bank for low deposit home loans? There is usually no one size fits all answer, therefore it is important to discuss your circumstance with a good mortgage broker. This can help you find the best way of dealing with buying a property on a small deposit. Different banks offer different opportunities, such as special offers, but also may offer different ways of handling your affairs and processing your home loan.

Therefore sometimes it can be an idea to work with the bank or lender that may more easily assess your application.

Best Mortgage Broker For Low Deposit Loan

Not all mortgage brokers specialise in low deposit loans. Contacting us we can arrange for a mortgage broker to assist with the affairs and see what can be done to help with this situation for yourself. They can be difficult to navigate and therefore a specialist with dealing with this is important.

They also may need to help with different situations like debts, non bank loans, and so forth.

Using KiwiSaver and First Home Grant

Many first home buyers will opt to withdraw their KiwiSaver to buy their first home. This is because if you qualify, you might be able to use your KiwiSaver to buy a property by having it count toward the deposit. 

Additionally, the First Home Grant can provide some assistance from the government, which is a contribution toward your home loan. However there are limitations on it, and strict criteria that means it is not accessible to many circumstances.  For example, a house has to be under a certain price. Or you have to be under a certain amount of income usually.

How it may help:

  • Can help if you are in mortgage arrears or late with your payments
  • Can provide some additional cash in the short term
  • Prevent you from the bank forcing you to sell your house

It may be that we can find a solution where you can rebuild your ability to make repayments. Or it means that we can sort a solution that means you are not rushed in to a mortgagee sale and you have time to deal with your finances.This could be very important to you if you want to keep the house, and not lose it or have it foreclosed on or taken away. Many people have strong connections to their homes and want to save them. With the help of stopping the mortgagee sale it can be possible.

Get help even if the bank has previously told you they can’t help you , with the help of specialists in this area.  

It could also be possible to give you a break from massive mortgage repayments and penalties before they start to pile up on each other, which could be achieved through refinancing.