Mortgage Rescue Solution

stop mortgagee sale get money to pay home loan

A “Mortgage Rescue Solution” could potentially be your second chance at your mortgage. You might need a second chance because you’ve fallen behind on paying the bills, or are in arrears. Or you’re having trouble with your mortgage, for any reason e.g.

– Can’t pay the bills
– Loss of job
– Death or passing in the family
– Sickness
– Accident
– Financial problems
– Too many debts

 This is where a new lender may ‘rescue’ your mortgage, provide you with additional time, or may be able to give you additional funds through a new mortgage. Are you wondering who can help me with a mortgagee sale? Get urgent help to see if you could be saved from the situation getting worse. A new solution could be put in place allowing you to get a new home loan. This might be possible even if your bank has said no to you in the past. Using different types of lenders and special lenders, can get you closer to a desirable outcome. This can potentially help stop the home from going to mortgagee sale

How it may help:

  • Can help if you are in mortgage arrears or late with your payments
  • Can provide some additional cash in the short term
  • Prevent you from the bank forcing you to sell your house

It may be that we can find a solution where you can rebuild your ability to make repayments. Or it means that we can sort a solution that means you are not rushed in to a mortgagee sale and you have time to deal with your finances.This could be very important to you if you want to keep the house, and not lose it or have it foreclosed on or taken away. Many people have strong connections to their homes and want to save them. With the help of stopping the mortgagee sale it can be possible.

Get help even if the bank has previously told you they can’t help you , with the help of specialists in this area.  

It could also be possible to give you a break from massive mortgage repayments and penalties before they start to pile up on each other, which could be achieved through refinancing.