Refinancing, Debt Consolidation, Home Loans

Refinancing is a great way to potentially improve your financial situation or structure of your home loans. Conducting a refinance may allow you to save money, better organise your finances, and also help a difficult financial situation.

What is a refinance?

Think of your finances much like a car. It needs to be serviced or given a ‘tune up’ every year. A home loan or your finances also can benefit from a tune up. By looking at how you might be able to better save money or structure your finances, you could stand to gain from undergoing a refinance.

How to apply for a refinance?

Contact us now if you want to apply for a refinance.

One of the best ways to apply for a refinance is through a mortgage broker service, which we offer. This means that we help look at your financial situation, and then assist in completing a refinance. Through this, you’ll get a refinance that makes sense, and is a good situation. Also, you’ll typically find that the funders and financiers in New Zealand offering a refinance, typically like applications submitted by a mortgage broker service, which we help with.

Is a refinance expensive? Do you save money with a refinance?

Typically you may find that you save money currently with a refinance. It should result in your weekly outgoings or repayments being lowered, as you may be able to have all your debts at a lower interest rate.

Benefits of a refinance

Depending on the refinance, and every refinance is different, the benefits can include:

  1. Lower interest rate
  2. Easier to manage repayments
  3. Lower repayments – with changing to a longer loan term, you could lower your current repayments, and smooth this out.

You can also inquire if a flexible or floating facility can be set up, allowing you to possibly make some repayments earlier.

Banks or lenders for refinancing?

We can help you work with various banks or lenders for refinancing. Our service will help you get access to different lenders and funders. We help present your application to get help for refinancing your different debts. This may allow you to better your financial situation.

Can you borrow additional money with refinancing?

Yes, this is possible. Through refinancing you may be able to borrow more money. You can let us know if you also want to borrow money for matters such as increasing renovations, holidays, trips, paying for other bills, buying a new car, appliances, family money, and other matters.

So to get the process started, you can contact us now to discuss refinancing and how we may be able to help.

Is debt consolidation a good idea?

  • Makes it more affordable –  It can help you lower your current minimum monthly repayments
  • Save money- It means you may be able to save money now
  • Lower interest rate – You could benefit from a lower interest rate, and could save you money. If you’ve been thinking lower to lower your interest rate, this is one way of possibly achieving that.
  • Easier to manage – Many people find it easier to manage with just one loan, which is something debt consolidation can help offer.

The above are some general ideas of information.